Friday, April 12, 2013

Food Drive Delivery - Way to Go Vol State!

Holly Nimmo and Beverly Houser getting ready to deliver the food
The Vol State campus collected 2,069 items for the Mid-Cumberland Action Agency food bank. Last year the college provided 1,600 items. That's an increase of over 400 items! Special thanks to Cindy Johns who helped with counting the items for the food drive and for her help in consolidating everything into boxes in preparation for transporting to the food bank.

The office that collected the most food won a pizza party. This year it was a tie between the M&M/Building 400 and Learning Commons. 

Honorable mention goes to the following offices: (they brought it more than 100 items per office):

Financial Aid – 116 items
Math and Science – 143 items
Records Office – 170 items
Business Office – 191 items
Human Resources Office 113
IERPA – 149 items
Continuing Education – 101 items

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