Monday, April 15, 2013

Dr. Faulkner: Values – Educators

This week’s core value is EDUCATORS.

"We are all EDUCATORS:  Faculty are educators within and beyond the classroom, staff and administrators are educators without a classroom."

This core value speaks to the fact that we are an educational institution.  Our mission is to teach.  The statement emphasizes that it is not true that education only occurs in the classroom and that faculty are the only teachers.  We all have a role in educating our students.

Certainly a major component of education at Vol State is the subjects that are taught in the classroom.   But beyond the classroom we have the opportunity to teach our students lessons such as:

  • ·         What it means to be a professional.
  • ·         How to treat one another with respect and kindness.
  • ·         How to provide good customer service.
  • ·         How to resolve conflict and solve problems.
  • ·         What it means to function as a community.
  • ·         How to embrace change.
  • ·         How to use resources wisely.
  • ·         How to lead and manage.
  • ·         The value of an education.
  • ·         The value of hard work.
  • ·         To overcome difficulty and disappointment.
  • ·         A sense of pride in accomplishment.
  • ·         Honesty and integrity.
  • ·         The pride and joy of a job well done.
Remember, it is not always what we say that makes the biggest impact, but rather what we do.  A story is told of an old monk who invited a young monk to go with him to preach to the people.  The young monk was excited about the prospect and so they set out on their journey.  In the first village they encountered an old woman struggling with a load of fire wood so they helped her to her home.  In the next village they encountered a lost child and helped him find his home.  In the next they encountered a hungry man and they shared their meager lunch.  They traveled all day through the countryside serving those they encountered.  As they returned to the monastery at nightfall the young monk lamented that they had no chance to preach.  The older and wiser monk replied that they had preached by their actions not by their words.  You could substitute the word “educate” for the word “preach” and demonstrate the fact that we are all educators.

-Dr. Faulkner

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