Monday, April 1, 2013

Dr. Faulkner: Values – Community

As I mentioned last week this will be the first in a series of five blogs dealing with our core values.  This week we are emphasizing the core value of community.  The full statement is, “We are all part of a larger COMMUNITY:  We are all responsible for supporting the communities where we live and work, and the global community beyond."

I hope you remember that community was one of the three things I stressed at convocation last year.  This core value statement applies to the external civic community of cities, towns, and counties but also applies to the internal college community.

We are all part of the college community and we all have a vital role to play in the community.  Unlike a family, our roles are not defined by birth order but by our abilities, talents, skills, and desires.  Our roles are all inter-related.  We must work together for the college to function.  Because of this we are inter-dependent on one another.  Therefore, we should value and respect all the roles of members of the community.

As we look beyond the boundaries of the college, we see our role in the external community.  The college is a major force in this community and we need to recognize that when we leave the campus, we are a continuing representation of the college.  That means we must take advantage of opportunities to be good citizens and to be active in our community.

For us, community does not end at the county line, state line, or even the borders of the United States.  We are citizens of the world community.  And so it is an important part of our mission to prepare students to think and act globally. Vol State was recently named as one of the top 40 community colleges in the nation in our international opportunities for our students.  As a follow up to the recent trip to Ireland, all the students on that trip are completing an intercultural competency assignment which they will submit to me.  The early submissions confirm that experiences like this trip have tremendous meaning for our students and make great strides in preparing them to function in a global society.

To celebrate community, we are working to prepare a photo directory of college employees.  At two of the recent campus forums, questions have been submitted asking for some type of photo directory to help us get to know the members of our campus community.  We have made a special arrangement with Life Touch Photography to produce a directory for us and to include family photos as well.  The cost to you is zero.  You will have an opportunity to purchase photo packages, but that is not required.  Please watch for details to be released this week.

-Dr. Jerry Faulkner

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