Monday, March 25, 2013

Dr. Faulkner: Vol State Values

There is lots of talk about values.  Family values, American values, traditional values, values associated with a particular religion, etc.  Values are those principles, standards, or qualities that we deem worthwhile or desirable.  In our personal life our values guide our behavior.  They influence how we spend our time and our money.  (“Your heart will be where your treasure is.”)  Values influence how we treat others and how we do our jobs.

Like personal values, an organization has values.  Often these are informal and are part of the culture.  They are communicated by action and not in written form.

A committee was formed in 2008 to work on determining and establishing core values for Volunteer State.  The initial idea was to tie the core values to the newly developed marketing tag line, “The Vol State Difference.”  The original members of the committee were Shanna Jackson, Tim Amyx, Len Assante, Lori Cutrell, Betty Gibson, Lori Johnson, Ken Lovett, Emily Short, and Penny Tucker.

The committee initially engaged the college community at the Fall 2008 Convocation.  Cards were distributed that asked those in attendance, “Why would you send your child to Vol State?” and “Why would you not send your child to Vol State?”  The results were compiled and reviewed by the committee. The committee also visited Belmont University to learn more about their, “It’s All Belmont to Me” campaign which eventually evolved into “Be Belmont.”  A second survey was conducted at the Fall 2008 Campus Forum where participants were asked to list the values that Vol State currently represented and were also asked to state what they felt the College’s values should be.

The committee drafted five core value statements in January 2009.  The committee examined each statement, revised and revised again.  The goal was to ensure that all members of the campus community could find their role in each value.  The final draft was completed in December, 2009.

This Fall at a cabinet retreat, the questioned emerged, “Who are we?”  To address the question, the December ’09 document was retrieved.  This Spring, members of the original committee were assembled with some substitutions and additions.   The original statement was presented to cabinet and adopted. 

Over the next five weeks we will roll out the five values that Volunteer State Community College has adopted.  Just like our personal values, these institutional values should inform and influence our behavior.  The original committee has now shifted into implementation.  We will reveal one value each of the next five weeks and there will be activities to reinforce the meaning of each.  The goal is that these values not be just ink on paper but that they are a genuine, living part of who we are – that they are at our core.

**Thanks to Tim Amyx for providing me with the history of the core values committee.

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  1. Very informational, I see a number of examples in your blogs and speeches taken indirectly from the "7 Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" (a very good book). I remember at the Christmas Dinner you also mentioning something about "sharpening the saw". I like it!