Monday, February 18, 2013

Dr. Faulkner: Are You Uncomfortable Yet?

Sammy Hagar is not necessarily a household name.  In fact if you know who he is you may be saying a lot about your age and/or your taste in music.  Hagar has been in several rock bands including two stints as a singer for Van Halen.  (Those of you under 30 can Google it.)  He has been inducted in to the Rock and Roll of Hall of Fame and is known as the Red Rocker.

In addition to his musical interests he is a self-described “middle market CEO.”  His business ventures include a mountain bike store, a chain of restaurants including the Lake Tahoe Cabo Wabo Cantina, a brand of tequila and rum, and endorsing Yamaha guitars.

In his recent autobiography (Red: My Uncensored life in Rock) he says, “Put 10 or 20 percent of your time or effort or money or all three into the ‘uncomfort zone.’ That’s where the excitement is.  That’s where things happen.”

It is easy to stay in our comfort zone because, let’s face it, it is comfortable.  It is easier.  It requires less energy and creates less angst.  But staying in our comfort zone also means nothing changes – nothing gets better.  Change means taking a risk.  It means turning our back on the usual and accepting some uncomfort for the sake of the possible.

So?  Are you uncomfortable yet?
-Dr. Jerry Faulkner

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