Monday, December 17, 2012

Dr. Faulkner: Undiscovered Geniuses

Undiscovered Geniuses

            I recently attended the celebration for four of our students that won national awards from the TRIO Quest program.  Lisa Napier, Kayla Cormier, Melissa Majors, and Wade Browne were honored for their prose and poetry submissions.  Each submission was accompanied by a picture by the students.  Respectively they received an honorable mention, a bronze medal, and two gold medals.  Keep in mind this is a national competition meaning submissions came in from all across the U.S.  I had the opportunity to read each of the submissions and they were excellent.  The students wrote about things they knew, things they loved and cared about, things about which they were passionately interested.  My gauge of good writing is if I can personally connect and I surely did so with these four works.

            Congratulations are also in order for our TRIO program here at the college.  TRIO is a Federal grant funded project for student support services.   Our program is directed by Andrea Boddie with the very effective staff of Shannon Freeman, Carol Bazenet, Mary Malone, and Jean Colello.  Not only did these folks have the joy of seeing the students succeed, our program was acknowledged as the Top TRIO Quest program for 2012 and Shannon received the TRIO Quest coach award.

            The dictionary defines genius as exceptional intellectual or creative power.  These four students exhibited their genius for writing.  Mark Twain said, “Thousands of geniuses live and die undiscovered – either by themselves or by others. “ How sad it would have been if these students had never discovered their power to use the written word to touch other lives.  They would have been the poorer and so would we.

            But they did discover their genius.  They came to Volunteer State and they learned and explored.  They were encouraged by faculty and staff and by the folks in the TRIO center and we are all the richer for it.  Isn’t that what we are all about – helping students discover their genius?  Whether it is writing or science, art or business, math or health care, or any of multiple other disciplines, we give students the chance to find the place where they can succeed and where they can shine – where they can be a genius.

            Everyone get one genius.

           -Dr. Jerry Faulkner

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  1. Great blog piece, Dr. Faulkner. I couldn't agree more with your comments here. I remember these type students and how much joy they brought to my and Herman's life.