Friday, December 7, 2012

A Point in Time

A Point in Time

An unusual event is occurring on Wednesday of next week.  At twelve minutes past noon (or midnight) it will be 12:12 12/12/12.  This sort of numeration will not occur again until one minute after one o’clock on January 1, 2101 (01:01 01/01/01) and likely not in any of our lifetimes.  So this is a unique moment in our lifetime.

Some have predicted that the world will end next Wednesday.  I know some students wouldn’t mind not taking another final exam.  A British citizen using the alter-ego of Andronicos ( ) has established an educational web site where he proposes solutions to all the world’s problems by 12/12/12.

In reality every day is filled with unique moments for when the moment is past it will never come again and can never be reclaimed in this lifetime.  So what will we do with the unique moments in our lives?

Will we:

  • celebrate them?  
  • use them to do great things?  
  • use a moment to tell someone you love them?
  • encourage a friend or coworker?
  • comfort the sad?
  • lift the spirits of the downtrodden?

What will you do with your unique moments?

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