Monday, August 27, 2012

Challenging Humanities for a New Home

Laura Black asks the question: can we make a new Humanities building a reality?
Laura Black has a challenge for her colleagues in the Humanities Division: chip in and make the proposed Humanities building a reality. She’s challenging every faculty and staff member to donate to the College Foundation fundraising effort, no matter how large or small the donation might be.

“Ever since I’ve been here, over 10 years, we’ve been talking about getting a new Humanities building,” said Black. “This is the first time that I’ve felt like we’re really close.”

Black made her challenge of 100 percent participation in an email earlier this month. She says the response so far has been good, with many faculty members, and even a few alumni saying they have donated.

The Humanities building has been on the state building list for many years. But it has failed to move up that list until now. The next step is fundraising and the College Foundation is in full swing to bring in donors. The building will provide more than just rooms, but also a real home for humanities.

“One thing that will be great is that most of the humanities faculty will be in one place,” said Black. “We’ll have art in with all of the other disciplines. It will build community.”

A black box theater will provide an intimate venue for plays and small concerts and join the auditorium as a facility that community members can rent for shows. The building will feature a new and enlarged recording studio, special audio editing suites and a live sound studio. The building will also feature new classroom space, which will allow music teachers better interaction with students for individual instruction. A theater classroom will help to immerse students in not only the process, but the emotion inherent in live theater. New drawing, painting, design and printmaking studios will give students better lighting and expanded space.  An honors suite will provide a new home for gifted students so they can collaborate and push themselves academically.

If you would like to donate visit the College Foundation Giving page:

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