Friday, May 18, 2012

Travel Study Attracts Indian Media Attention

Keith Bell is leading a TnCIS travel study trip to India this May and the visit has garnered interest from The Times of India. You may remember that Vol State has close ties to the Taabar organization in Jaipur, India. Taabar works to get kids off the street and provide them with food, shelter and education. Two Vol State students set up a several trips to help the kids and the work continues this year.
"The print edition included a picture of three students: Shala Curtis (VSCC), Victor Henderson (VSCC) and Trey Scheb (PSTCC)," Bell said.  "It showed them playing with the children with an inflatable globe and learning about the planet.  All the students on both sides had a great time and this was particularly good coverage as the Times is India's largest English daily circulation."
Check out the online version of the story here:

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