Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Education Students and Service Learning

Vol State Education Fast Track students in Penny Duncan’s ECED 2120 class participated in a Service Learning Project a couple of weeks ago. They administered the DIAL-4 Screening Assessment to a group of children who attend the Gallatin Child Care Center. The week prior to the project, the students attended the DIAL-4 training in class, viewing a video on the entire testing procedure and learned to score and interpret screening results to the parents. Each section of the test was assigned to a group of students to administer. The students prepared for the screening by getting into their groups coordinating plans, setting up the materials and role played each section. The students arrived at the center early to set up the testing environment, and prepare materials.

Children were tested in the areas of motor, cognitive and language skills. A parent questionnaire was filled out by parents. Over-all the project went well and the students participated in a great learning experience. This site was chosen because it is a government daycare and the center does not have an child assessment tool.

Volunteer State Community College

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