Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Workforce Essentials and Highland Crest

Workforce Essentials has partnered with the College for many years now. They have recently expanded to work closely with the Highland Crest campus in Springfield. Here's a note from organizer and Career Counselor Susan Holt:

Workforce Essentials joined hands with Highland Crest in Springfield, TN to help provide information to the Robertson County Community of a great resource. There are two office locations here in Springfield, one being at the Tennessee Career Center and the other at Highland Crest College.

Workforce Essentials, or commonly known as WIA (which stands for Workforce Invest Act), is a Non-Profit, Federally Funded Program which offers financial assistance to individuals interested in short-term training or Job Search. This program is an income based program in which guidelines are based on federal-income guidelines. Some criteria can make the individual automatically eligible, which is receiving Food Stamps or Unemployment, or if they are a Foster Child.

Some of the assistance offered thru this program could be but not limited to:
*Tuition & Fees
*Travel or Daycare
*Other expenses as deemed necessary by School or Career Counselor*
*Program must be on the WIA Approved Training Site:
*Program must be Occupation in Demand and all individuals must apply for the Pell Grant before being accepted into WIA Program. All other funding applies before WIA money will kick in.

WIA has a Business Service Division as well. We offer services for Drug Testing, DNA Testing, Driver’s Education, and other Training Programs. WIA is a Drug-Free Workplace and helps most county and city offices and business run the same program.

Our office hours and location are as follows:
Tennessee Career Center
Highland Crest Campus
299 10th Avenue East Room # 232
Springfield, TN 37172 615-433-7030 ext#7012
615-384-1097 10:00 to 6:00 Tuesdays & Wednesdays
8:00 to 4:30 M-F

Thank You,
Susan Holt-Career Counselor

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